Movies About Painting

Most Interesting Movies About Painting (Tips On Painting Your Child’s Room)

As a lover of painting and artworks, watching a movie about paintings can help you learn one or two things about paint and other fascinating processes involved in painting. Check out our list of most interesting movies about painting.

5 movies about Painting and Art

Paintings and artworks have inspired a lot of great movies in the past and this trend continues till date. Some of these amazing movies include:

1. La Belle Noiseuse

This movie raises cogent questions as it explores life, truth, and artistic line. This movie will remain in your memory and can change your perspective towards life as it offers insight into the art of painting.

2. The Best Offer

In this movie, there is so much to discuss. It gives viewers a mix of devastating feelings. It will leave you breathless and in a state of mind that only the greatest movies can achieve.

3. Basquiat

This movie is the story of a struggling street artist. He struggles as he rises to fame as well as with his destructive habits and addiction to heroin.

4. Big Eyes

Artist Walter Keane got famous and achieved success with saucer-eyes waif’s portraits. What no one realized was that the real painter was his wife. The struggle between them remained silent until their marriage came to an end, and the lawsuit finally revealed the truth.

5. Girl with a Pearl Earring

Griet works as a maid in the house of a painter, Johannes. She got close to him, and she soon became the face of Johanne’s prolific artwork.

Do Painting And Art Have Psychological Effects On A Child’s Mind?

movies about Painting and Art

Painting and art go beyond merely appreciating the beauty of the final work. Colors have proven to have psychological effects on people, especially children. It’s important that you carefully choose the color that projects the right psychological effects when painting your child’s room.

How To Pick The Right Colors For A Child’s Room

Painting your kid’s room can be an arduous task. You’ll need to move furniture and put tapes on moldings. You’ll also have to endure the awful paint smell for some days.

These demands make painting an arduous task. Though it can be an exciting experience, it’s not something you’ll want to do often because of the amount of work it demands.

Considering that as kids grow up, they tend to change their favorite color. As a parent, you want to choose a color that they can’t quickly outgrow. You need to choose colors that can stand the test of time. Which kind of colors are these? Check out our suggestion of some of the most awesome colors to paint a child’s room.

Some Color Suggestion For A Child’s Room

As you look to find the best color to paint your child’s room, most likely, you’ll think about the standard colors. Though they can also be useful, however, you want colors that’ll last them even until their teen years are over. Some of these colors include;

1. Cool Grey

Years before now, grey would be considered by many as a dreary color to paint your kid’s room. But with today’s trend, grey is the perfect way to set the room in a relaxed mode making your kids love their room even as they grow.

2. Cobalt Blue

Though blue is considered a male color, it’s fast becoming a female color as well these days. In place of pale blue, consider something like cobalt blue instead because it is darker. It’ll make your child love their room even in their teenage years.

3. Lime or Leaf Green

So far, the shades don’t skew too neon, lime or leaf green can provide an upbeat and soothing feel. Therefore, look for a bright green lime as opposed to deep green. It works for all genders and all ages.

4. Lilac

This particular shade of purple fits into every growth situation a child goes through. When the room gets filled with dolls and the wall is decorated with finger paintings, lilac blends in perfectly. When they also get packed away, lilac represents well.

5. Aqua

This color is another shade of blue. However, it is very versatile because it blends well with almost everything and other colors. Coral yellow, green, pin, etc. are all colors that blend with this shade of blue.

6. Eggshell

Notice how cool the color of an eggshell looks? You can paint your child’s room with this color and remain assured they’ll grow with it. It can feel stark to decorate the room all white, but eggshell color takes a step away from white and warms up the room space.

7. Yellow

A bright and cheerful color is a way to keep your child motivated. Yellow brightens up the room and makes your child cheerful, eager to do a lot of things a child would normally dread, such as school assignments.

8. Bold Red

Red is also a lively color, and it can be entertaining in a child’s room. You can use red to enliven a room corner such as reading or homework corner. Red is excellent when blended with white or wood furniture and floors. It looks warm and inviting.

9. Hot Pink

The color is sweet and classic. So are its other variations, like vivid pink. It creates pop and has lasting power. When blended with grey, black, or white, it presents a sophisticated and fun environment.

10. Sea Blue

This variation of blue provides a relaxed feel. It is also a color that can last into the child’s teenage years without them becoming bored with it.

Why You Should Choose The Right Color For A Child’s Room

Best movies about Painting and Art

Scientific studies in recent years show how colors can inspire, excite, agitate, heal, soothe, etc. It influences our productivity and learning, especially for kids. Therefore, the importance of picking the right color for your child’s room shouldn’t be underestimated.

Scientific studies have also proven the connection between colors and feelings. The psychological reaction to color can change mood and attention.

An example is pink, which has shown to help reduce aggressive behavior. Some colors are also said to be appropriate for eyesight protection. Some support the work environment as well as physical and mental health.

The choice of color depends on what you aim to achieve in the room. You can, therefore, use the color in your child’s room to conduct your child’s behavior.


While you seek to choose the right color for your kid’s room, you must think about the mood you want to create. Your choice of color must be functional. It must be with the expectation of causing a change.

Top Movies About Psychics On Netflix

Top 10 Movies About Psychics On Netflix

When it comes to selecting a movie for a movie night, it is not every time we want to watch those love movies. Sometimes, we might just want a little bit of action or something not too serious like a comedy movie.

Other times, you just want something beyond the natural range of perception so I have put together a list of the top movies about psychics on Netflix.

List Of Top 10 Movies About Psychics On Netflix

picture of Movies About Psychics On Netflix

1. Cam:

This is a 2018 American movie. It doubles up as a Psychic Advisor movie as well as a horror movie. The movie was written by Isa Mazzei and directed by Daniel Goldhaber.

Some of its main characters are Madeline Brewer, Melora Walters, Patch Darragh, Michael Dempsey, and Devin Druid. It has a play time of 95 minutes. Madeline Brewer played the role of the main character, Alice Ackerman or Lola_Lola which is her studio name. So, Alice runs an online cam girl where she broadcast live shows.

Her ambition was to rank number 1 which she was gradually achieving until a rival cam girl who looks exactly and acts like her shows up from nowhere and runs Alice’s show. Where did the replica come from? Was Alice able to find out? Watch the movie to find out.

2. The Open House:

This is a 2018 American movie.  It is directed by Suzanne Coote and Matt Ange.  The movie starred the following characters; Dylan Minnette, Sharif Atkins, Piercey Dalton, Aaron Abrams, and Patricia Bethune. It has a play time of 94 minutes.

After losing her husband, Naomi, a single mother, along with her teenage son, Logan was not able to support themselves financially. They then decided to move to a new abode but it appears they are not the only occupants of the house. How did it end? Was the unknown occupant exposed before any damage was done?

3. Before I Wake:

This is a 2017 American psychics movie. It was directed by Mike Flanagan. It was co-written by Jeff Howard and Flanagan. The movie starred Kate Bosworth, Jacob Tremblay, Dash Mihok, Thomas Jane, and Annabeth Gish. A couple who recently lost their son decided to adopt a foster child. But after the adoption, the couple began to see some strange happenings. Also, they begin to see their dead son. What is the relationship between the foster’s child adoption and these experiences? Find out by watching the movie.

4. Wormwood 2017:

This is a 2017 American movie. If you want something quick, then this one is good for you. It has a run time of just 48 minutes. It is based on the life of a scientist who unknowingly might have participated in a secret government warfare program.

5. Gerald’s Game:

This is a 2017 American psychics and horror movie. It is directed by Mike Flanagan and written by Jeff Howard and Flanagan. It has a play time of 103 minutes. It is about a couple, Jessie and Gerald who went for a vacation in an isolated lake house. What happened afterward? Find out in the movie.

6. They Look Like People:

This is a 2015 psychic and horror movie. It was written, directed, and produced by Perry Blackshear. It has a play time of about 80 minutes. Two close friends, Wyatt and Christian reunite. They have both experienced some depressing situation which had some effects on them.

7. The Two Faces Of January:

This is a 2014 American-British movie. It starred Viggo Mortensen, Oscar Isaac, and Kristen Dunst. After killing a detective, a con artist and his wife must trust a dangerous stranger to get them out. Did it end well? Well, you can find out by watching the movie.

8. Inception:

This a 2010 American psychic action movie. It was written, directed, and produced by Christopher Nolan. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as well as other casts like Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao, and Ken Watanabe.

Cobb was given a chance to clear his criminal record by undergoing an almost impossible mission. Will he be able to accomplish this dangerous mission especially when the projection of his dead wife keeps coming to his subconscious.

9. Queen Of Earth:

This is a 2015 American psychics movie. It was written and directed by Alex Ross Perry. The movie starred Elisabeth Moss, Patrick Fugit, and Katherine Waterson. It has a play time of 90 minutes.

10. Friend Request:

This is a 2016 German psychic and horror movie. It is directed and co-written by Simon Verhoeven. Laura happens to be one of the most popular students at her college and has an active social media life with a lot of family and friends.

She receives a friend request from a quiet classmate which she accepted. She later unfriended her because of her strange behaviors. Things definitely didn’t end well, find out exactly what happened in the movie.

You can as well check out the following movies: The Conjuring, Funny Game, the Babadook, Rear Window, The Invitation, The Apostle. They would also meet your need for psychics movies.

BEST Movies For Long Road Trips

Top 10 BEST Movies For Long Road Trips

Do you want to have a feel of what the road is from the comfort of your homes? Or are you planning a road trip but are not sure of what to expect? Here are the 10 best movies for long road trips you can enjoy.

You Can actually enjoy the experience without being on the road yourself. And who knows, these movies might just create interest so intense that it sparks up the adventurer in you.

List Of Top 10 Movies For Long Road Trips

1. Dumb and Dumber

this wonderful road trip movie features two well-meaning guys, who found a case filled with money and decided to return it out of god will to the owner. While their intentions were pure, their approach was quite dumb.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, the money wasn’t actually missing, it was meant to be as a ransom. They, therefore, found themselves in between a money deal. Join them on their ride and find out Id they made it to their destination.

2. Little Miss Sunshine

What about a dysfunctional family with each of them having their problems? although they live together, there is no form of intimacy or warmth amidst them. Such is the case of Sheryl Hoover who is basically the breadwinner of an extended family of seven.

A beauty pageant made them go on an unexpected trip and during the course of the trip, there was a lot of self-discovery for some while others living in a dream came to terms with reality.  Grab a copy and see if it had the happy ending most movies do.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

A huge energy crisis leaves the earth in a devastating state where humans were captured and used as blood bags. Water and petrol were and scarce and only the mad can survive.

Some set of men escaped from the hands of their captors only to be pursued by those who previously captured them. A road race ensues between the two parties involved.

4. Magic Mike XXL

The movie centers around a young man who thought he had left the days of being a stripper alone only to find himself back where he started.

Deciding to do one last show, he and his guys encounter a lot of let-downs and difficulties along the way. They almost came to the point of giving up but pushed on. They finally got their break and everyone is happy at the end.

5. Into the Wild

A biography about a young well-accomplished man who decided to see the world in search of what he himself doesn’t know. He left friends and family and went from place to place living as a homeless wanderer.

He believed that civilization had a way of corrupting the mind. He eventually ran out of money and supplies and came to understand that true happiness was with family. He eventually made the decision to go back home. Find out if he was able to or not.

6. The Motorcycle Diaries

A true-life story about a young Spaniard adventurer and his friend decides to explore on a motorcycle during the mid-nineties.

Although the journey started out as a result of youthful exuberance, the young man later saw and had some experiences which changed his mentality and view about life in general. This caused them to take actions later in their years in order to right some wrongs.

7. On the Road

A university drop-out embarks on a road trip with a band and writes out his experience as the journey progresses. What makes this movie unique is that he writes as though he was writing to a friend.

One journal after the other as he embarks on journey after journey. The journals later became novels and were adapted into movies.

8. Road Trip

Four young college students send a sex tape mistakenly to a girlfriend who is in a different college. she was away for the weekend and wouldn’t be back in two days. The guys decide to go on a mission to retrieve the tape as fast as possible before she gets back.

9. It Happened One Night

Ever heard of the usual plot twist where a rich spoilt girl falls in love with a poor man against the fathers wish?

Well, this is one of those stories. But there comes a plot twist when after eloping to meet with her man,  she meets someone else on the road and falls in love with this new man.

She confesses her love to him and ends up being disappointed or so she thinks. She decides to go back to her first love after accepting defeat. What will be her fate? Will she find love again?

10. Thelma and Louise

Two young and vibrant women decide they need a break from their stress-filled lives and decide to take a trip to a cabin house for relaxation.

On their way, they had various experiences which they had to deal with and handle. Some made them cry, others made them laugh.

They turn fugitives who are highly sought after by the authorities. Rather than being captured and put into custody, they decide to be free and jump off the cliff.

Movies About Ketogenic Diet

TOP 10 Movies About Ketogenic Diet

Recently, doctors and scientists, as well as Chefs identified Ketogenic diet has one of the ways to combat global illness. It is believed that the majority of the chronic diseases known to the world today are caused by the modern day diet.

Doctors and scientists, therefore, suggested that by a change in dietary, we can prevent a lot of these diseases. To understand the concept of ketogenic diets, many people have turned to available materials such as; books, movies, documentaries, audiobooks, etc.

We made the research and found some movies about ketogenic diets. These movies will help you learn about ketogenic diets. What they are and how they work. Why they are important, and how you can begin to live on them for your benefit.

Without further delay, let us look are some of these movies.

Top 10 Movies About Low Carb And Ketogenic Diets

Picture of Movies About Ketogenic Diet

1. The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill is a movie documentary that follows 5 individuals as they struggle with their health. During the cause of the documentary, they focused on their diet as they each changed to a low-carb and high-fat diet, including vegetables.

The documentary follows their story and shows their development in health over time.

The design of the movie is to make one thing clear to the entire world that, low-fat diet can affect the body development and contribute to the health challenges that we face.

The documentary went on to chip in an interview with people of various professions related to health and nutrition.

You’ll get to hear and learn from medical experts, chefs, and even farmers regarding their perspective on how the food we take affects us and what role the food industry plays in this.

At the end, you will be left to thinking harder about how you’ve been making yourself vulnerable to health challenges based on what you eat.

2. Carbs Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat

The movie traces and shakes our belief and culture about healthy and unhealthy food. Experts gathered in the movie to discuss the problems and how to tackle them in the short term and also provide a long term solution.

The movie is actually a collection of things the writer learned after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

He sought the reasons for his sickness and he quickly learned that much of the things he knew about healthy eating were based on myth and old ideas.

Watch the movie to find out the latest discovery shaping the right belief and culture of eating.

3.     Fat Head: You’ve been fed a load of bologna

As a response to the crowd which cheered him up with “Super Size Me” chant, a comedian decided to go on a journey of weight loss.

He tries to prove that everything we’ve heard, learned, and believed about obesity isn’t exactly as we have been told.

To do this, he chose to go with a fast-food diet. Picking up fast food isn’t the proper way to go while trying to lose weight, right? Well, this movie says something else. Find out the rest in the movie.

4.     First Do No Harm: A mother’s plea vs A Doctor’s Oath

It was heart-breaking for Lori when she learned that her son, Bobbie, has epilepsy. She quickly found refuge in the judgment of the hospital staff who she believed knows best.

But as the health situation of her son continues to deteriorate, she quickly began to do her own research.

During the research, she came across a treatment called the ketogenic diet. With this treatment, she believes she has found the cure to her son’s ailment.

But she wouldn’t implement this without a fight from the doctor who is ready to take legal action against her.

Want to know how it all played out? You need to watch the movie.

5.     That Sugar Film

This movie relays one man’s journey to discover the truth about sugar. This was a unique experiment to discover the effect of sugar diet on the body’s health, especially when in excess.

The movie highlights some of the challenges facing the sugar industry. Want to know some of these challenges? Then you’ll have to watch the movie.

6.     The Widowmaker

Several Americans are dying of heart attack and several others are dying without prior symptoms but they need not die such a mysterious death.

A Widomaker finds out a horrifying record of ego, greed, and conspiracy of silence that surrounds the most vulnerable human organ. His findings were revealed in the movie.

7.     Cereal Killers

Cereal Killer is a documentary about a man who tries to turn the food pyramid on its head. Donal O’Neil is aware of the heart disease that plagues his family. In other to avoid the occurrence of such to him, he decided to drop Wheat and sugar in his food plan.

Can a debatable diet contain 70% fat be the solution?

8.     Statin nation: the great Cholesterol Cover Up

The movie reveals how medical corruption has led to the over-prescription of cholesterol medication.

The movie also explains the fact about the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease which has been ignored by the pharmaceutical companies due to selfish reasons.

Watch the movie and Find out the revelations about cholesterol lowering and the plot of the pharmaceutical industry.

9.     Fat chance

It is possible to ride 2,100 miles on a bike without taking carb? Is butter the new energy giving food? This are questions you’ll get answers to as you watch the movie “Fat chance”

The film is a documentary that follows Warren Hepworth as he rides long distance, determined not to take carbs.

10. Fed Up

This is a documentary focused on the issues of obesity in the United States. The main cause is identified as Sugar and processed foods.

When you watch “Fed Up” you’ll get to learn about the politics behind Sugar production and the industry at large.


This compilation of movies about the ketogenic diet will provide you with what you need to know about low-carb and high-fat diet.

Movies About Sleep Deprivation

10 TOP Movies About Sleep Deprivation | MUST SEE

Going by statistics, over 20% of the people around the world have a sleep disorder. Researchers identified the causes of this to be, change in lifestyle.

Lifestyles that constitute a sleep disorder include odd-working hours, personal obligation, relationship worries, etc.

Topping the list of causes, according to published research work, are anxiety, tension, and nervousness. Movie makers in recent times took upon these causes to produce movies about sleep deprivation.

There are several movies of this type, however, the best ones, with a beautiful storyline, plot, and other amazing features are suggested in this article. Check out our suggestions below.

Best 10 Movies About Sleep Deprivation You MUST SEE!

picture of Movies About Sleep Deprivation

1. Insomnia:

Pacino is a homicide detective sent from the city of Los Angeles to a small Alaska town to investigate the methodical murder of a teen girl.

He accidentally shot his partner while trying to capture a suspect. He tried to cover up his mistake and ended up having sleep deprivation which affected the investigation and also affected the story.

Will it all collapse on him? Find out when you watch it.

2. Dreamscape:

In the “Dreamscape”, people are able to connect with other people in dreams and even enter into their dreams to plant an idea sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.

The plot to the movie came when a government agency recruited a young psychic who was trying to run away from himself. His assignment was to plant an idea into the mind of the U.S president through some mechanical help.

How did that go? Watch the movie to find out

3. What Dreams May Come?

Chris and Annie lost their two children in a car accident but worked together to restore their life and move on after the tragedy.

However, 4 years after, Chris, while coming back from work witnessed a car accident and while he tried to save the victims, he became a victim himself and died but went to heaven.

Annie who could not handle the tragedy committed suicide. Chris, been unable to overcome her loss, descends to hell to save her.

How did that eventually play out? See the movie to find out.

4. The Machinist:

Trevor Reznik is a factory machinist with an extreme case of insomnia which causes him not to sleep in over one year. He begins to doubt his own sanity and started to keep daily diaries of events. He also began to lose the ability to determine what is real.

With his body withering away and him becoming thin by the day, he began to suffer societal rejection; his co-worker wouldn’t want anything to do with him. People mistrust him because they do not know what is going on with him.

What eventually happened to Trevor and would he become better? The movie answers that.

5. Total Recall:

Douglas Quid, while on vacation decided to go on virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars. However, the dream of the Journey to Mars kept recurring. He, therefore, set out to find out more about this dream.

He again buys a holiday at Rekall Inc, where the implanted memories are sold. But, something went wrong in the memory implantation process and he suddenly remembers being a super spy.

Here is where the story becomes a rollercoaster ride with a massive end. You may not understand until you watch.

6. Fight Club:

The main character, an office worker battles with insomnia. He became a carefree personal and formed an underground fight club that evolved into something else.

The main character played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton suffers from insomnia. The issue became so serious that Edward Norton became schizophrenic.

In other to cope with his sleep deprivation and overwhelming discontent, he developed into a new persona in the person of Tyler Durden (Pitt)

7. Inception:

The idea behind inception is to enter into someone else’s dream state and place an idea into the person’s mind. This is the opposite of extraction which involves the stealing of ideas from a person while they are in the dream state.

Extraction was the work of Dom Cobb. He steals corporate secrets using dream-sharing technology. However, in “Inception”, he was hired to do the opposite of this. He is given the task of planting an idea into the mind of a C.E.O

8. The Nightmare:

The Nightmare is a documentary film featuring 8 people suffering from a sleep disorder. The movie tries to recreate the experience they had as they described it.

The movie was able to establish that there are similarities between the experience of these people as they narrate.

The similarity goes beyond just the sleep disorder, they all experienced hallucinations, seeing figures that look like humans but are not really human, a figure that is either black or faceless moving towards them.

Want to know more? Watch their narration.

9. The Babadook:

Amelia lost her husband in a car accident while she was about giving birth to their son Samuel whom she will later struggle to rise alone. Samuel constantly has the fear of monsters and usually has violent reactions in his bid to overcome the fear but this doesn’t help.

Then one day, they read a strange book that narrated how a monster is known as “Babadook” hides in the dark areas of their house.

Even Amelia felt the effect of this story and tries in vain to destroy the book. The memory, the experience, and the encounter form the rest of the story.

10. Nightmare Detective:

Three persons living in Tokyo takes a dreamlike voyage to self-discovery through memory and nightmares. While talking on the phone to a stranger who plans a simultaneous suicide “O” intends suicide.

Events take later takes a terrible turn. Kirishima is the emotionless police detective in charge of the case.

With, two cases of mutilated corpses that look like suicide, she contacts Tantei, who has the ability to enter people’s dream. The story goes on from there.


Here is the compilation of 10 movies on sleep deprivation. Watch them and let’s know what you think.

BEST Movies On Lucid Dreaming

10 BEST Movies On Lucid Dreaming

According to a German research, about 51% of the population as experienced lucid dreaming.

Movies that portray lucid dreaming are becoming popular nowadays though they are not something new. Some of these movies observe the possibility of making the dream world as real as the real world.

However, one thing is common to the best movies on lucid dreaming: the ability to capture the imagination and take us in the fantasy of the dream world.

In respect to this, we have made a compilation of the best movies on lucid dreaming. Anyone who has an interest and is trying to understand the concept of lucid dreaming will enjoy watching these movies. They will help spur your imagination of the real world.

Find below the list of best movies on lucid dreaming.

Top Ten(10) Movies On Lucid Dreaming

Picture of movies on lucid dreaming

1. Inception:

Inception is the story re-laid backward about a man with short term memory loss. This is not a kind of movie that includes spoiler because you can’t get the concept if you were to be told how it ended.

To understand the ending, you have to know the journey to the ending. Trying to narrate how it got there will stretch your imagination and you probably won’t get it still.

It is a complicated narrative yet the movie is not so complicated, it is all about processes. Viewers of the movie are taken adrift in time as well as experience. T

he movie made it clear that you can never tell the beginning of a dream and though the dream may seem a long time but, that which seems long in a dream might only be a short time in reality.

No movie portrays the concept of lucid dreams like “Inception” does and it really worth watching.

2. The Matrix:

The matrix is a 1999 movies that tell the story if a young man hacker, Neo, who seeks to find the answers on the question, “What is Matrix”, he gets connect with a stranger who led him to the forbidding world as he uncovers the unexpected.

Matrix pictured that the life we know isn’t really how we think it is. It is believed that the entire human race is used for power supply with their bodies plugged into Matrix.

Neo join forces to fight against the Artificial Intelligence that created the supposed reality.

3. The Thirteenth Floor:

Here is the story of Hannon and his friend. How he made a very valuable discovery and seeks to share it with his friend. He, therefore, sent his friend a letter through the medium created by his company.

Unfortunately, Hannon’s friend was murdered and he was a prime suspect. To make matters worse he could not remember where he was the night of the murder.

Hannon log into the company’s system in search of the letter he sent but rather found something completely unexpected.

4. The Good Night:

The Good Nights relate the story of Gary, a former pop star who is facing life’s challenges. As a result, he feels depressed often. Then, he meets Anna; Anna is literally the girl of his dreams.

Gary only gets to meet Ana in his dreams. He, therefore, wants to find a way to ensure he has the best of relations in his dream which began his journey into lucid dreaming.

5. Total Recall:

Because Douglas was always having dreams about Mars, he decided to get an implant that keeps in him the memory of Mars without having to visit Mars.

But then, something is wrong in that he suddenly remembers that he is a secret agent. Now, those who gave him the implant wants him dead.

6. Source Code:

Source Code depicts the life of an Army Captain, Colter, who is also a time traveler and he’s working on a special program.

Colter’s assignment is to travel in time for 8 minutes and stop a bomb from exploding in an attempt to stop a terrorist attack. Realize from this movie how time flies.

7. Shutter Island:

After one of the prisoners had gone missing, Teddy was assigned on the case and his investigation skill was already providing a promising lead. But the hospital will not give him access to records that could easily knock the case.

In the midst of these, another prisoner escaped. Teddy began to have a series of dreams, making him doubt everything including his own sanity.

8. The Science Of Sleep:

Stephane: a young, shy, and insecure man travel to Paris to stay with his widowed mother just after the death of his father. He fell in love with his neighbor, Stephanie.

The problem, however, is how to approach Stephanie seeing how shy he is. Stephane, therefore, resorted to his dream world.

9. Waking Life:

What does our dream tell us about life and death? Can we control our dream? Where exactly do dreams come from? These are probably the questions you have thought about too. Well, the movie depicts a man who is trying to find answers.

The movie does not provide the answers but it spurs people to ask questions and find answers individually.

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

Joel finds that his girlfriend Clementine lost the memories of their relationship and decided to do the same.

Halfway into the process, he realizes he doesn’t really want it so he tried to stop the procedure, staying lucid and aware of his memory while he sleeps so he can stop the doctor.

He tried but they eventually removed the memories and left him in the confusion of his mind.


Here is our compilation of 10 best movies about lucid dreaming. Enjoy the adventure, plot, romance, etc. in the movies. When you do, let me know what you think.

BEST Travel Movies On Amazon Prime

10 BEST Travel Movies On Amazon Prime

Published research shows that the best travel movies increase tourism to the featured locations by 31%. Research work focused on tourist revealed that over 10% of tourist chose to travel to a new location based on movies they watched and on the movie’s setting.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of best travel movies on amazon prime. Some of these movies will show you possibilities and make you dream bigger.

Some will open you up to realize certain passion within you, like the passion to travel. While some will intrigue you, give you the inspiration, motivation, and make you begin to search out destinations.

Whichever category you fall, one thing is certain and it is that these best travel movies on amazon prime are movies with a good story and you’ll love them. Without much ado, let’s see some of these movies.

Top Ten(10) Travel Movies On Amazon Prime

Picture of travel movie on amazon prime

1. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty:

This movie appeals to the adventurous spirit within. The story of a man, Walter by name, who’s job got threatened.

He took action and embarked on a global journey in search of a rarely seen photographer which eventually turned into an adventure; an adventure which is more than the ordinary and beyond imagination.

This movie is about relationships and love, about actually having the real experience of the things you were afraid of and the courage to face them.

It’s about having friends who are there when the going gets tough and it’s about taking the needed risk and changing your life for better.

2. Into the Wild:

What do you think of a young man who decided to abandon his possessions and gave away his savings to charity immediately after graduating? Well, that’s the story of Christopher McCandless.

Into the Wild is a true life story about the adventure of a top student and an athlete who after graduation took what viewers have described as a wrong decision.

However, when his decision is weighed alongside the series of encounters he had, you would want to say, maybe or maybe not; seeing the man he eventually became.

Well, wait till you watch it and see if you agree.

3. Wild:

This is the story of a woman who, as a process of recovering from the tragedy of losing her mother, decided to trek 1,100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Cheryl Strayed is that woman and Reese Witherspoon played her role in “Wild”.

Wild is a movie that gets you into the life of Cheryl Strayed and how she crossed the Mojave, muddy trail, crazy forest, snowy fields and in the process, lost toenails but gaining self-acceptance or better still, gained mental clarity along the way.

4. Motorcycle Diaries:

This incredible movie shows how Guevara and his friend Alberto “Mial” Granado climb on top of their motorcycle and rode across South America for a period of eight months and covered over 14,000 Kilometres.

The movies will motivate you to start researching about beautiful continents and put your brain to the thought of where next to visit.

5. 180 degree South:

1800 South is a movie about how friends packed their bags and traveled to Patagonia. They sail along the South American Coast and learning about the war between industrialization and the natural world.

One thing is certain about traveling and seeing the world beyond and it is that traveling makes us better people and shapes our world view. This is one thing the movie,  South will do to you.

6. The Way:

“The Way” is a heartwarming movie about the story of a father who set out in honor of his son who died while traveling the “El camino de Santiago”. The Way reveals how the father walked the Camino de Santigo trail to Spain.

The father had an eye-opening and emotional as he had to make friends with strangers. The movie shows characters blends as they all trekked the long trail for different reasons.

7. Before Sunrise:

Only a few movies capture the aimless wandering that travelers face when they arrive in a city for the first time. “Before Sunrise” captures this and created a beautiful love story out of it.

The movies tell the story of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Ethan Hawke is an American on a train ride around Europe while Julie Delpy is a French girl traveling home and they met on the train and it was there their love story began.

8. Under the Tuscan Sun:

The movie is the story of a writer who decided to change her life and bought a villa in Tuscany. This is a movie about a romantic flick, wines, food, remote cottages, and scenic rolling hills.

The warning is this; if you don’t want the urge to quit your city life then don’t watch Under the Tuscan Sun.

9. Eat Pray Love:

After a painful divorce, Liz Gilbert embarked on a journey to rediscover and reconnect with her true inner self. Abandoning her job, she went on a year-long sabbatical and stepped out of her comfort zone.

Julia Roberts plays the role of Gilbert and takes us through her travel experience into self-discovery through eating in Italy, Praying in India, and loving in Bali.

10. The Way Back:

Here is an incredible story of seven prisoners from several backgrounds as they try to do what can be termed the impossible: breaking out of a WWII Siberian prison in the winter season.

The movie is breathtaking, deeply moving, enlightening as well as inspiring. When you think you have lost the will to keep moving, watch “The Way Back”


Here is our compilation of the 10 best travel movies to watch on amazon prime. Go ahead and watch them and let’s know what you think.

Who Is Raven Symone? Details and Net Worth

Who Is Raven Symone? (Must Know Details and Net Worth)

Raven Symone, also known as Raven-Symone Christina Pearman is an American actress and singer who starred in Disney’s “That’s So Raven” (2003-2007), “The Cheetah Girls” (2003) and a lot more. Her acting credits also include the Broadway musical “Sister Act” where she played as Deloris van Cartier. She has transitioned from a child actor (on “The Cosby Show”) to more mature roles on television, film, and stage.

Aside from being a singer/actress Raven Symone is also a comedian, songwriter, rapper, producer, model, dancer, and a TV personality. She has released 4 studio albums and a couple of music videos.

How Much Is Raven Symone Worth?

Raven Symone began building her net worth at the age of 2 when she appeared in ads for Fisher-Price, Ritz Crackers, Jell-O, Cool Whip to name some. After appearing in advertisements for popular brands she was casted for a popular TV series, “The Cosby Show” (1984-1992) where she played Olivia Kendall the step-granddaughter of Dr. Cliff Huxtable (played by Cosby), on the show from 1989 to 1992. She won a Young Artist Award for her performance and her success led to various acting roles.

As of 2019, the total estimated net worth of Raven Symone is $55 Million which she has accumulated through her career in acting. Most notable projects that gave her net worth a big boost would be the theatrical movie “Dr. Dolittle” – 1998 (and it’s sequel – 2001), TV series like “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” (1993-1997), “Kim Possible” (2002-2007) and “That’s So Raven” (2003-2007).

Raven Symone Early Life

raven symone as a child

Raven Symone was born on December 10, 1985 in Atlanta Georgia. Her parents are Lydia and Christopher Pearman and she has a younger brother named Blaize. They moved to New York at the age of three where she attended Park School. She also attended North Springs High School in Atlanta and studied fine arts at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

She began working as a toddler, as a model, she appeared in advertisements and eventually auditioned for a role in a TV series. After being rejected from a role in the film “Ghost Dad” (1990) for being “too young”, she was invited to join the cast of “The Cosby Show” where she made her television debut on the sixth season of the show.

Raven Career

After “The Cosby Show” finished its run, Raven Symone tried out a singing career. She was the youngest person to ever sign with MCA records. She then went back to acting and starred as Nicole Lee on the ABC sitcom “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” (1992-1997).

She appeared in various television projects and films like “The Little Rascals” (1994), “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child” (1995), “Dr. Dolittle” (1998), “Zeon: Girl of the 21st Century” (1999), “Dr. Dolittle 2” (2001), “College Road Trip” (2008), starred in Disney’s “That’s So Raven” (2003) “The Cheetah Girls” (2003) and “The Cheetah Girls 2” (2006), which showcased her singing talents which led to her signing with Disney’s Hollywood Records and her 2004 album “This Is My Time.” Raven Symone also became a co-host of the ABC talk show “The View” in 2015.

Raven SymoneDisney Teen Queen

Raven Symone became a major asset to the Disney brand, after appearing in a Disney movie “Zeon: Girl of the 21st Century” (1999)for a supporting role, the network was impressed in her performance and was asked to audition for a lead role in a new Disney series. The audition was successful and she became the star of the “That’s So Raven” TV series. The show had a good review after the premiere and continued to have high ratings.

After that, she played a supporting role alongside actress Anne Hathaway in the Disney movie “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” (2004). She also starred in the made-for-TV films “The Cheetah Girls” (2003) and “The Cheetah Girls 2” (2006).