BEST Movies For Long Road Trips

Top 10 BEST Movies For Long Road Trips

Do you want to have a feel of what the road is from the comfort of your homes? Or are you planning a road trip but are not sure of what to expect? Here are the 10 best movies for long road trips you can enjoy.

You Can actually enjoy the experience without being on the road yourself. And who knows, these movies might just create interest so intense that it sparks up the adventurer in you.

List Of Top 10 Movies For Long Road Trips

1. Dumb and Dumber

this wonderful road trip movie features two well-meaning guys, who found a case filled with money and decided to return it out of god will to the owner. While their intentions were pure, their approach was quite dumb.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, the money wasn’t actually missing, it was meant to be as a ransom. They, therefore, found themselves in between a money deal. Join them on their ride and find out Id they made it to their destination.

2. Little Miss Sunshine

What about a dysfunctional family with each of them having their problems? although they live together, there is no form of intimacy or warmth amidst them. Such is the case of Sheryl Hoover who is basically the breadwinner of an extended family of seven.

A beauty pageant made them go on an unexpected trip and during the course of the trip, there was a lot of self-discovery for some while others living in a dream came to terms with reality.  Grab a copy and see if it had the happy ending most movies do.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

A huge energy crisis leaves the earth in a devastating state where humans were captured and used as blood bags. Water and petrol were and scarce and only the mad can survive.

Some set of men escaped from the hands of their captors only to be pursued by those who previously captured them. A road race ensues between the two parties involved.

4. Magic Mike XXL

The movie centers around a young man who thought he had left the days of being a stripper alone only to find himself back where he started.

Deciding to do one last show, he and his guys encounter a lot of let-downs and difficulties along the way. They almost came to the point of giving up but pushed on. They finally got their break and everyone is happy at the end.

5. Into the Wild

A biography about a young well-accomplished man who decided to see the world in search of what he himself doesn’t know. He left friends and family and went from place to place living as a homeless wanderer.

He believed that civilization had a way of corrupting the mind. He eventually ran out of money and supplies and came to understand that true happiness was with family. He eventually made the decision to go back home. Find out if he was able to or not.

6. The Motorcycle Diaries

A true-life story about a young Spaniard adventurer and his friend decides to explore on a motorcycle during the mid-nineties.

Although the journey started out as a result of youthful exuberance, the young man later saw and had some experiences which changed his mentality and view about life in general. This caused them to take actions later in their years in order to right some wrongs.

7. On the Road

A university drop-out embarks on a road trip with a band and writes out his experience as the journey progresses. What makes this movie unique is that he writes as though he was writing to a friend.

One journal after the other as he embarks on journey after journey. The journals later became novels and were adapted into movies.

8. Road Trip

Four young college students send a sex tape mistakenly to a girlfriend who is in a different college. she was away for the weekend and wouldn’t be back in two days. The guys decide to go on a mission to retrieve the tape as fast as possible before she gets back.

9. It Happened One Night

Ever heard of the usual plot twist where a rich spoilt girl falls in love with a poor man against the fathers wish?

Well, this is one of those stories. But there comes a plot twist when after eloping to meet with her man,  she meets someone else on the road and falls in love with this new man.

She confesses her love to him and ends up being disappointed or so she thinks. She decides to go back to her first love after accepting defeat. What will be her fate? Will she find love again?

10. Thelma and Louise

Two young and vibrant women decide they need a break from their stress-filled lives and decide to take a trip to a cabin house for relaxation.

On their way, they had various experiences which they had to deal with and handle. Some made them cry, others made them laugh.

They turn fugitives who are highly sought after by the authorities. Rather than being captured and put into custody, they decide to be free and jump off the cliff.