BEST Movies On Lucid Dreaming

10 BEST Movies On Lucid Dreaming

According to a German research, about 51% of the population as experienced lucid dreaming.

Movies that portray lucid dreaming are becoming popular nowadays though they are not something new. Some of these movies observe the possibility of making the dream world as real as the real world.

However, one thing is common to the best movies on lucid dreaming: the ability to capture the imagination and take us in the fantasy of the dream world.

In respect to this, we have made a compilation of the best movies on lucid dreaming. Anyone who has an interest and is trying to understand the concept of lucid dreaming will enjoy watching these movies. They will help spur your imagination of the real world.

Find below the list of best movies on lucid dreaming.

Top Ten(10) Movies On Lucid Dreaming

Picture of movies on lucid dreaming

1. Inception:

Inception is the story re-laid backward about a man with short term memory loss. This is not a kind of movie that includes spoiler because you can’t get the concept if you were to be told how it ended.

To understand the ending, you have to know the journey to the ending. Trying to narrate how it got there will stretch your imagination and you probably won’t get it still.

It is a complicated narrative yet the movie is not so complicated, it is all about processes. Viewers of the movie are taken adrift in time as well as experience. T

he movie made it clear that you can never tell the beginning of a dream and though the dream may seem a long time but, that which seems long in a dream might only be a short time in reality.

No movie portrays the concept of lucid dreams like “Inception” does and it really worth watching.

2. The Matrix:

The matrix is a 1999 movies that tell the story if a young man hacker, Neo, who seeks to find the answers on the question, “What is Matrix”, he gets connect with a stranger who led him to the forbidding world as he uncovers the unexpected.

Matrix pictured that the life we know isn’t really how we think it is. It is believed that the entire human race is used for power supply with their bodies plugged into Matrix.

Neo join forces to fight against the Artificial Intelligence that created the supposed reality.

3. The Thirteenth Floor:

Here is the story of Hannon and his friend. How he made a very valuable discovery and seeks to share it with his friend. He, therefore, sent his friend a letter through the medium created by his company.

Unfortunately, Hannon’s friend was murdered and he was a prime suspect. To make matters worse he could not remember where he was the night of the murder.

Hannon log into the company’s system in search of the letter he sent but rather found something completely unexpected.

4. The Good Night:

The Good Nights relate the story of Gary, a former pop star who is facing life’s challenges. As a result, he feels depressed often. Then, he meets Anna; Anna is literally the girl of his dreams.

Gary only gets to meet Ana in his dreams. He, therefore, wants to find a way to ensure he has the best of relations in his dream which began his journey into lucid dreaming.

5. Total Recall:

Because Douglas was always having dreams about Mars, he decided to get an implant that keeps in him the memory of Mars without having to visit Mars.

But then, something is wrong in that he suddenly remembers that he is a secret agent. Now, those who gave him the implant wants him dead.

6. Source Code:

Source Code depicts the life of an Army Captain, Colter, who is also a time traveler and he’s working on a special program.

Colter’s assignment is to travel in time for 8 minutes and stop a bomb from exploding in an attempt to stop a terrorist attack. Realize from this movie how time flies.

7. Shutter Island:

After one of the prisoners had gone missing, Teddy was assigned on the case and his investigation skill was already providing a promising lead. But the hospital will not give him access to records that could easily knock the case.

In the midst of these, another prisoner escaped. Teddy began to have a series of dreams, making him doubt everything including his own sanity.

8. The Science Of Sleep:

Stephane: a young, shy, and insecure man travel to Paris to stay with his widowed mother just after the death of his father. He fell in love with his neighbor, Stephanie.

The problem, however, is how to approach Stephanie seeing how shy he is. Stephane, therefore, resorted to his dream world.

9. Waking Life:

What does our dream tell us about life and death? Can we control our dream? Where exactly do dreams come from? These are probably the questions you have thought about too. Well, the movie depicts a man who is trying to find answers.

The movie does not provide the answers but it spurs people to ask questions and find answers individually.

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

Joel finds that his girlfriend Clementine lost the memories of their relationship and decided to do the same.

Halfway into the process, he realizes he doesn’t really want it so he tried to stop the procedure, staying lucid and aware of his memory while he sleeps so he can stop the doctor.

He tried but they eventually removed the memories and left him in the confusion of his mind.


Here is our compilation of 10 best movies about lucid dreaming. Enjoy the adventure, plot, romance, etc. in the movies. When you do, let me know what you think.