BEST Travel Movies On Amazon Prime

10 BEST Travel Movies On Amazon Prime

Published research shows that the best travel movies increase tourism to the featured locations by 31%. Research work focused on tourist revealed that over 10% of tourist chose to travel to a new location based on movies they watched and on the movie’s setting.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of best travel movies on amazon prime. Some of these movies will show you possibilities and make you dream bigger.

Some will open you up to realize certain passion within you, like the passion to travel. While some will intrigue you, give you the inspiration, motivation, and make you begin to search out destinations.

Whichever category you fall, one thing is certain and it is that these best travel movies on amazon prime are movies with a good story and you’ll love them. Without much ado, let’s see some of these movies.

Top Ten(10) Travel Movies On Amazon Prime

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1. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty:

This movie appeals to the adventurous spirit within. The story of a man, Walter by name, who’s job got threatened.

He took action and embarked on a global journey in search of a rarely seen photographer which eventually turned into an adventure; an adventure which is more than the ordinary and beyond imagination.

This movie is about relationships and love, about actually having the real experience of the things you were afraid of and the courage to face them.

It’s about having friends who are there when the going gets tough and it’s about taking the needed risk and changing your life for better.

2. Into the Wild:

What do you think of a young man who decided to abandon his possessions and gave away his savings to charity immediately after graduating? Well, that’s the story of Christopher McCandless.

Into the Wild is a true life story about the adventure of a top student and an athlete who after graduation took what viewers have described as a wrong decision.

However, when his decision is weighed alongside the series of encounters he had, you would want to say, maybe or maybe not; seeing the man he eventually became.

Well, wait till you watch it and see if you agree.

3. Wild:

This is the story of a woman who, as a process of recovering from the tragedy of losing her mother, decided to trek 1,100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Cheryl Strayed is that woman and Reese Witherspoon played her role in “Wild”.

Wild is a movie that gets you into the life of Cheryl Strayed and how she crossed the Mojave, muddy trail, crazy forest, snowy fields and in the process, lost toenails but gaining self-acceptance or better still, gained mental clarity along the way.

4. Motorcycle Diaries:

This incredible movie shows how Guevara and his friend Alberto “Mial” Granado climb on top of their motorcycle and rode across South America for a period of eight months and covered over 14,000 Kilometres.

The movies will motivate you to start researching about beautiful continents and put your brain to the thought of where next to visit.

5. 180 degree South:

1800 South is a movie about how friends packed their bags and traveled to Patagonia. They sail along the South American Coast and learning about the war between industrialization and the natural world.

One thing is certain about traveling and seeing the world beyond and it is that traveling makes us better people and shapes our world view. This is one thing the movie,  South will do to you.

6. The Way:

“The Way” is a heartwarming movie about the story of a father who set out in honor of his son who died while traveling the “El camino de Santiago”. The Way reveals how the father walked the Camino de Santigo trail to Spain.

The father had an eye-opening and emotional as he had to make friends with strangers. The movie shows characters blends as they all trekked the long trail for different reasons.

7. Before Sunrise:

Only a few movies capture the aimless wandering that travelers face when they arrive in a city for the first time. “Before Sunrise” captures this and created a beautiful love story out of it.

The movies tell the story of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Ethan Hawke is an American on a train ride around Europe while Julie Delpy is a French girl traveling home and they met on the train and it was there their love story began.

8. Under the Tuscan Sun:

The movie is the story of a writer who decided to change her life and bought a villa in Tuscany. This is a movie about a romantic flick, wines, food, remote cottages, and scenic rolling hills.

The warning is this; if you don’t want the urge to quit your city life then don’t watch Under the Tuscan Sun.

9. Eat Pray Love:

After a painful divorce, Liz Gilbert embarked on a journey to rediscover and reconnect with her true inner self. Abandoning her job, she went on a year-long sabbatical and stepped out of her comfort zone.

Julia Roberts plays the role of Gilbert and takes us through her travel experience into self-discovery through eating in Italy, Praying in India, and loving in Bali.

10. The Way Back:

Here is an incredible story of seven prisoners from several backgrounds as they try to do what can be termed the impossible: breaking out of a WWII Siberian prison in the winter season.

The movie is breathtaking, deeply moving, enlightening as well as inspiring. When you think you have lost the will to keep moving, watch “The Way Back”


Here is our compilation of the 10 best travel movies to watch on amazon prime. Go ahead and watch them and let’s know what you think.