Movies About Ketogenic Diet

TOP 10 Movies About Ketogenic Diet

Recently, doctors and scientists, as well as Chefs identified Ketogenic diet has one of the ways to combat global illness. It is believed that the majority of the chronic diseases known to the world today are caused by the modern day diet.

Doctors and scientists, therefore, suggested that by a change in dietary, we can prevent a lot of these diseases. To understand the concept of ketogenic diets, many people have turned to available materials such as; books, movies, documentaries, audiobooks, etc.

We made the research and found some movies about ketogenic diets. These movies will help you learn about ketogenic diets. What they are and how they work. Why they are important, and how you can begin to live on them for your benefit.

Without further delay, let us look are some of these movies.

Top 10 Movies About Low Carb And Ketogenic Diets

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1. The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill is a movie documentary that follows 5 individuals as they struggle with their health. During the cause of the documentary, they focused on their diet as they each changed to a low-carb and high-fat diet, including vegetables.

The documentary follows their story and shows their development in health over time.

The design of the movie is to make one thing clear to the entire world that, low-fat diet can affect the body development and contribute to the health challenges that we face.

The documentary went on to chip in an interview with people of various professions related to health and nutrition.

You’ll get to hear and learn from medical experts, chefs, and even farmers regarding their perspective on how the food we take affects us and what role the food industry plays in this.

At the end, you will be left to thinking harder about how you’ve been making yourself vulnerable to health challenges based on what you eat.

2. Carbs Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat

The movie traces and shakes our belief and culture about healthy and unhealthy food. Experts gathered in the movie to discuss the problems and how to tackle them in the short term and also provide a long term solution.

The movie is actually a collection of things the writer learned after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

He sought the reasons for his sickness and he quickly learned that much of the things he knew about healthy eating were based on myth and old ideas.

Watch the movie to find out the latest discovery shaping the right belief and culture of eating.

3.     Fat Head: You’ve been fed a load of bologna

As a response to the crowd which cheered him up with “Super Size Me” chant, a comedian decided to go on a journey of weight loss.

He tries to prove that everything we’ve heard, learned, and believed about obesity isn’t exactly as we have been told.

To do this, he chose to go with a fast-food diet. Picking up fast food isn’t the proper way to go while trying to lose weight, right? Well, this movie says something else. Find out the rest in the movie.

4.     First Do No Harm: A mother’s plea vs A Doctor’s Oath

It was heart-breaking for Lori when she learned that her son, Bobbie, has epilepsy. She quickly found refuge in the judgment of the hospital staff who she believed knows best.

But as the health situation of her son continues to deteriorate, she quickly began to do her own research.

During the research, she came across a treatment called the ketogenic diet. With this treatment, she believes she has found the cure to her son’s ailment.

But she wouldn’t implement this without a fight from the doctor who is ready to take legal action against her.

Want to know how it all played out? You need to watch the movie.

5.     That Sugar Film

This movie relays one man’s journey to discover the truth about sugar. This was a unique experiment to discover the effect of sugar diet on the body’s health, especially when in excess.

The movie highlights some of the challenges facing the sugar industry. Want to know some of these challenges? Then you’ll have to watch the movie.

6.     The Widowmaker

Several Americans are dying of heart attack and several others are dying without prior symptoms but they need not die such a mysterious death.

A Widomaker finds out a horrifying record of ego, greed, and conspiracy of silence that surrounds the most vulnerable human organ. His findings were revealed in the movie.

7.     Cereal Killers

Cereal Killer is a documentary about a man who tries to turn the food pyramid on its head. Donal O’Neil is aware of the heart disease that plagues his family. In other to avoid the occurrence of such to him, he decided to drop Wheat and sugar in his food plan.

Can a debatable diet contain 70% fat be the solution?

8.     Statin nation: the great Cholesterol Cover Up

The movie reveals how medical corruption has led to the over-prescription of cholesterol medication.

The movie also explains the fact about the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease which has been ignored by the pharmaceutical companies due to selfish reasons.

Watch the movie and Find out the revelations about cholesterol lowering and the plot of the pharmaceutical industry.

9.     Fat chance

It is possible to ride 2,100 miles on a bike without taking carb? Is butter the new energy giving food? This are questions you’ll get answers to as you watch the movie “Fat chance”

The film is a documentary that follows Warren Hepworth as he rides long distance, determined not to take carbs.

10. Fed Up

This is a documentary focused on the issues of obesity in the United States. The main cause is identified as Sugar and processed foods.

When you watch “Fed Up” you’ll get to learn about the politics behind Sugar production and the industry at large.


This compilation of movies about the ketogenic diet will provide you with what you need to know about low-carb and high-fat diet.