Movies About Sleep Deprivation

10 TOP Movies About Sleep Deprivation | MUST SEE

Going by statistics, over 20% of the people around the world have a sleep disorder. Researchers identified the causes of this to be, change in lifestyle.

Lifestyles that constitute a sleep disorder include odd-working hours, personal obligation, relationship worries, etc.

Topping the list of causes, according to published research work, are anxiety, tension, and nervousness. Movie makers in recent times took upon these causes to produce movies about sleep deprivation.

There are several movies of this type, however, the best ones, with a beautiful storyline, plot, and other amazing features are suggested in this article. Check out our suggestions below.

Best 10 Movies About Sleep Deprivation You MUST SEE!

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1. Insomnia:

Pacino is a homicide detective sent from the city of Los Angeles to a small Alaska town to investigate the methodical murder of a teen girl.

He accidentally shot his partner while trying to capture a suspect. He tried to cover up his mistake and ended up having sleep deprivation which affected the investigation and also affected the story.

Will it all collapse on him? Find out when you watch it.

2. Dreamscape:

In the “Dreamscape”, people are able to connect with other people in dreams and even enter into their dreams to plant an idea sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.

The plot to the movie came when a government agency recruited a young psychic who was trying to run away from himself. His assignment was to plant an idea into the mind of the U.S president through some mechanical help.

How did that go? Watch the movie to find out

3. What Dreams May Come?

Chris and Annie lost their two children in a car accident but worked together to restore their life and move on after the tragedy.

However, 4 years after, Chris, while coming back from work witnessed a car accident and while he tried to save the victims, he became a victim himself and died but went to heaven.

Annie who could not handle the tragedy committed suicide. Chris, been unable to overcome her loss, descends to hell to save her.

How did that eventually play out? See the movie to find out.

4. The Machinist:

Trevor Reznik is a factory machinist with an extreme case of insomnia which causes him not to sleep in over one year. He begins to doubt his own sanity and started to keep daily diaries of events. He also began to lose the ability to determine what is real.

With his body withering away and him becoming thin by the day, he began to suffer societal rejection; his co-worker wouldn’t want anything to do with him. People mistrust him because they do not know what is going on with him.

What eventually happened to Trevor and would he become better? The movie answers that.

5. Total Recall:

Douglas Quid, while on vacation decided to go on virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars. However, the dream of the Journey to Mars kept recurring. He, therefore, set out to find out more about this dream.

He again buys a holiday at Rekall Inc, where the implanted memories are sold. But, something went wrong in the memory implantation process and he suddenly remembers being a super spy.

Here is where the story becomes a rollercoaster ride with a massive end. You may not understand until you watch.

6. Fight Club:

The main character, an office worker battles with insomnia. He became a carefree personal and formed an underground fight club that evolved into something else.

The main character played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton suffers from insomnia. The issue became so serious that Edward Norton became schizophrenic.

In other to cope with his sleep deprivation and overwhelming discontent, he developed into a new persona in the person of Tyler Durden (Pitt)

7. Inception:

The idea behind inception is to enter into someone else’s dream state and place an idea into the person’s mind. This is the opposite of extraction which involves the stealing of ideas from a person while they are in the dream state.

Extraction was the work of Dom Cobb. He steals corporate secrets using dream-sharing technology. However, in “Inception”, he was hired to do the opposite of this. He is given the task of planting an idea into the mind of a C.E.O

8. The Nightmare:

The Nightmare is a documentary film featuring 8 people suffering from a sleep disorder. The movie tries to recreate the experience they had as they described it.

The movie was able to establish that there are similarities between the experience of these people as they narrate.

The similarity goes beyond just the sleep disorder, they all experienced hallucinations, seeing figures that look like humans but are not really human, a figure that is either black or faceless moving towards them.

Want to know more? Watch their narration.

9. The Babadook:

Amelia lost her husband in a car accident while she was about giving birth to their son Samuel whom she will later struggle to rise alone. Samuel constantly has the fear of monsters and usually has violent reactions in his bid to overcome the fear but this doesn’t help.

Then one day, they read a strange book that narrated how a monster is known as “Babadook” hides in the dark areas of their house.

Even Amelia felt the effect of this story and tries in vain to destroy the book. The memory, the experience, and the encounter form the rest of the story.

10. Nightmare Detective:

Three persons living in Tokyo takes a dreamlike voyage to self-discovery through memory and nightmares. While talking on the phone to a stranger who plans a simultaneous suicide “O” intends suicide.

Events take later takes a terrible turn. Kirishima is the emotionless police detective in charge of the case.

With, two cases of mutilated corpses that look like suicide, she contacts Tantei, who has the ability to enter people’s dream. The story goes on from there.


Here is the compilation of 10 movies on sleep deprivation. Watch them and let’s know what you think.